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Pillow packing machine

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HY-450W Newest chocolate packing machine

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1.packing biscuits, pies, chocolates, bread and so on. 

2.Human-machine operation, convenient and quick parameter setting. 
Main characteristic
1. Be controlled by double transducer, flexible cutting and setting of bag length, time and film saveable.
2.Human-material operation, convenient and quick parameter setting.
3.Self diagnosis of failure function, clear failure display.
4.High sensitivity photoelectric eye tracking color mark and digital input of cut position make the sealing and cutting more accurate.
5.Seperate PID control temperature, suitable for various packing materials.
6.Reciprocating side seal structure, sealing is more solid, without  loss of seal cutting film.
7.Insert device makes bag more beautiful, input the quality of the product.
8.Stopping the machine in the selected position, no sticking to the knife and no waste packing film.
9.Simple driving system, reliable working and convenient mainrenance.
10.All the controls are achieved by software, convenient for function adjusting and upgrading.
Suitable for packing various kinds of regular objects like biscuits, pies, chocolates, bread, instant noodles, moon-cake, drugs, daily application, industrial parts, paper boxes, plates etc.

Model HY-450W HY-600w
Film width Max.450mm Max.600mm
Bag length 120-450mm 120-450mm
Bag width 50-160mm 50-200mm
Product heigth 10-80mm 10-80mm
Film roll diameter Max.320mm
Packing speed 20-75bags/minute
Power supply 220V,50/60HZ,3-2KVA 220V,50/60HZ,3.6KVA
Size (L)3980 x (W)860 X(H)1530(mm) (L)3980 x (W)970 X(H)1530(mm)
Weight 960KG 1160KG

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