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Semi-automatic machine

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HY-5F semi-automatic powder filling machine

semi-automatic powder filling machine,It is slightly lower cost in comparision with the servo motor.It is economic and technol


1.It is slightly lower cost in comparision with the servo motor. 

2.It is economic and technology. 
It is the ideal packing equipment for pesticides, veterinary drugs, chemicals, additives, flour, milk, detergent  powder, salt, drinks, sugar, monosodium- glutamate, condiments (such as spicy fresh), natural flavouring (such as 13 sromatic), enzymes, feed and other powder (powder and ultrafine power) material.
Performance parameter
Model HY-5F
Packing supply 5_5000g
Packing speed 10-60 bags/minute
Power AC380V 50HZ. 900W
Machine weight 150kg
Machine size LxWzH=1000 x 650 x 1900(mm)

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